Drink Markers & Beverage ID Bands

Step Aside Wine Charms

BevBands Are Designed to Look Great On Your Drink and On Your Wrist

If you've ever lost track of which cup is yours, you're gonna love BevBands. Keep them in your kitchen drawer, at the office or at school and put BevBands out at your next gathering. Family and friends will appreciate the gesture and have fun with their new drink ID / wristband.

It's a BevBand and a wristband!

Drink IDs Everyone Can Use

BevBands solve a common problem with a simple, durable and affordable solution for keeping track of your glass. Wrap it around your glass or put it on your wrist to use later. Made of high quality colored rubber with designer patterns, BevBands can go through the dishwasher and travel with you the same way a wristband would.

Reduce Dishes & Germs

Have you ever put your glass down and then forgot which one is yours? Drinking someone else’s drink is gross. BevBands are a simple way to keep your cup and reduce the spread of germs—you may even find that you're saving water and washing less dishes!

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